A List of Chicago’s Less Famous Museums


Now that the weather is cooling down, Chicago’s outdoor events and activities have retired for the season and we all have to head indoors for our fun. If staying at home and binge-watching a new TV show on a Saturday doesn’t sound fun for the day, bundle up and venture outdoors to visit one of these lesser known Chicago destinations. 

Chicago has an impressive list of museums to visit that include world-renowned places we are all aware of, so we’ve put together a list of some of the lesser-known museums in the city for you to visit. The museum list is separated by three categories: cultural, historical, and art.






We chose to keep this list on the long side because we wanted to recognize all of these wonderful museums and at the same time ensure there’s something on the list for everyone. Many of the locations listed are free, so you can do something fun even if you’re on a budget. Don’t let the cold keep you indoors, bundle up, get out and learn something new!



* = Free Admission or Suggested Donation 

** = Free for minors (check website to confirm age)

*** = Free for specific groups of people, see website for details.

**** = Offer periodic free days


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