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Our advice and experience are based on first-hand knowledge of over 2,500+ successful transactions.

Our commission structure on the sell side is consistent with the micro-market you are selling your home in and more than fair for the level of service we provide!

We take education seriously. In order to provide our clients with the BEST possible service, RNP focusing on educating all of our agents on the unique circumstances our team has encountered. Anything you can think of, we’ve dealt with!

Brad Robbins

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Brad Robbins

Managing Partner/Co-Founder - Realtor®

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    Scott Newman

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    Scott Newman

    Managing Partner/Co-Founder - Realtor®

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      Greg Pekarsky

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      Greg Pekarsky

      Managing Broker/Co-Founder - Realtor®

      Chicago top 1% broker. Managing broker of Vesta Preferred and a managing principle of the RNP Group. Grigory has extensive knowledge in Chicago area and has helped facilitate over 800 Million in residential sales. He's passionate about helping you find your dream home and looks forward to speaking with you soon!

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        Aaron Campbell

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          Adam Johnson

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          Adam Johnson


          Adam grew up in Chicago as well as multiple suburbs around the city. He brings immediate knowledge and resources to his clients and any residents in the Chicagoland area. Adam finds joy and satisfaction in helping his clients achieve their ambitions while building a relationship with them. With his skills and resources available, Adam will work relentlessly to help any client succeed with their wishes. Adam joined RNP Realty because he believes the client deserves a quality relationship and experience.

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            Alec Finn

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              Allan Newman

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                Andrew Castillon

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                Andrew Castillon


                Born and raised in the midwest, I have lived in Chicago for over a decade and I am proud to call this great city home. From Chicago’s vibrant neighborhoods and festivals, to its spectacular cuisines and diverse population from all walks of life, I thrive on the energy of this city and Chicago has become a big part of who I am. After spending a short and very successful beginning in the corporate world, I quickly came to realize that I was in need of a career that gave me a greater sense of fulfillment. I made the decision to pursue a career in real estate giving me the unique opportunity to help benefit others, and its been a life-changing decision. I attended Michigan State University and graduated with my bachelors in Pre-Med Human Biology and minor in Business Management. Having originally thought about pursuing a career in medicine, my passion redirected me to real estate and business. Being in a role where my drive and work ethic determine the results for myself, and most importantly my clients, is what motivates me. Having navigated the Chicago rental and buying market myself through the years, I bring a valuable skill set and expertise to all of my clients that is strongly complimented by my ability to actively listen to the needs of my clients and communicate promptly to ensure those needs are met. I’m also able to navigate the numerous resources and leverage my network giving my clients the best scenario possible in accomplishing their goals. I value getting to know my clients and building lasting relationships. 

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                  Charlie Arnold

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                    Emily Wolf

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                      Google Local Services

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                        Joey Akerson

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                          Joanna Kalinowska

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                            Jon Center

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                              Kadian Anderson

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                              Kadian Anderson

                              Client Care Specialist

                              Kadian Anderson

                              Client Care Specialist


                              RNP Real Estate Group

                              2525 N. Elston Ave, Suite A110

                              Chicago, Illinois 60647



                              (c) 312.854.7548

                              (o) 773.645.4455



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                                Laurie L Harris

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                                  Elizabeth Moreno

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                                    Matthew Williams

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                                      Michelle Newman

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                                      Michelle Newman

                                      Director of Listings, Sales - Realtor®

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                                        Morgan Meeker

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                                          Ryan Pyatenko

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                                          Ryan Pyatenko

                                          Lead Buyer Specialist - Realtor®

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                                            Sarah Thomas

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                                              Scott Kabel

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                                                Shae Allen

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                                                  Shayne Jansen

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                                                  Shayne Jansen


                                                  Shayne Jansen



                                                  RNP Real Estate Group

                                                  1001 N. Milwaukee, Suite 401

                                                  Chicago, Illinois 60642






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                                                    Tom Latzke

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                                                      Trey Woods

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                                                        Wilson Rivera

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