Best Dog Parks in the City – Ranked

As many city dog owners know, Chicago has no shortage of dog parks. Together with our four-legged friends we’ve picked out what we consider the 5 best dog-friendly areas worth checking out.  


  4. SEATING  
  5. SHADE 

Churchill Dog Friendly Area – WESTSIDE  

1825 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60647 
(773) 645-3671 
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This park is located along the well-known 606 trail. The dog-friendly area is set up as a long stretch of mostly gravel and cement, which allows the dogs to get some running in. Water fountains and fur-kiddie pools are available during the warm months to help your pup stay cool. And though there isn’t much shade for us humans, there are some benches for sitting and chatting while your pup gets some socializing in. While the dog area itself doesn’t have the best views, the walk to the park along the 606 trail really makes up for it. The park does not have a nearby parking lot, so those of you that don’t live nearby may want to skip this one. 


RATING : 3.5/4 

Puptown Dog Park & Montrose Dog Beach – NORTHSIDE 

N Marine Dr Chicago, IL 60640 
(312) 742-7522 
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 We grouped these two dog parks together because they are a short 10 minute walk from one another and we’re only able to enjoy the beach during the summer months.  

  • Puptown is a relatively large dog park with a concrete and gravel ground that allows for dogs to get a good run in. The area is lined with trees, which offers a lot of shade for us humans and there is ample seating as well. Parking is available behind the adjacent Margate Fieldhouse or along Lawrence avenue. The walk from Puptown to Montrose Beach is short, but scenic.  

  • Montrose Dog Beach is a favorite for the aquatic inclined dogs in the city. If your dog isn’t the most aquatic, it’s still a great place for socializing, letting some energy out and relaxing in the sun (especially if you’re an aquatic human). On the way out, you can use the dog washing machine to get all the sand off your pup and the parking around the beach area makes getting here easy! 


RATING : 4/4

Fred Anderson Dog Park – SOUTH LOOP 

1629 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60616 
(312) 742-7529 

This dog-friendly area is one of the best in the city. Unlike most dog parks in the city, the area features a mix of concrete and turf, making it ideal for dogs that enjoy a good game of fetch. The area also features a mini water-park for pooches, perfect for those scorching summer days and slanted walls for more agile dogs to practice their parkour skills. The park has two separate areas for small dogs and large dogs, which is especially important to help our smaller dogs get some socializing in without having to feel intimidated by the larger dogs of the pack. There is a parking garage steps from the park and plenty of shade and seating around the park.  


RATING : 4/4

Skinner Dog Park – Park 569 – Westside

1358 W Monroe St. Chicago, IL 60607 
(312) 746-5560 

This dog park is right across the street from Skinner Park. The dog park area features a mix of concrete, turf, and gravel and the concrete track is shaped like an 8 making it perfect for letting your dog get out the zoomies. There is plenty of seating area and free street parking around the park as well. There are doggie water fountains and the tall buildings next to the park offer a good amount of shade throughout most of the day. 


RATING : 3.5/4 

Lakeshore East Dog Park – LAKEFRONT  

450 E Benton Pl Chicago, IL 60601 
(312) 742-3918 
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This dog park is a hidden gem right in the middle of downtown Chicago. The park is a couple of blocks from Millenium Park and Maggie Daley Park and has the best views of all the dog parks we visited during this series. The park is a mix of concrete and gravel and is lined with trees that offer ample shade. The park has a mini faux-stream that runs through the park making it a great way for dogs to stay hydrated or for light splashing. The park doesn’t offer free parking, but you can easily park at the lot by the Mariano’s and if you get the parking ticket validated, it is free to park!  


RATING : 4/4 

While amenities may vary from park to park, the five dog parks we reviewed are all RNPup tested and approved! Stay tuned for our next round of dog parks in and around the city!


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