How to Prep Your Home to Sell

Selling a home, much like finding the perfect mate, is all about first impressions. We have to make sure that we are presenting the absolute best versions of ourselves and, in this case, our home as possible in the limited window of time afforded to us. 

This process doesn’t have to be intimidating or overly time-consuming; with proper planning and organization this process can even be, dare we say, enjoyable! 

To help you get started, we’re sharing some tips and the staging checklist we share with our clients. 


  • Statistically speaking, the “spring” market actually begins the day after the Super Bowl.  Get ahead of the game by working with us 60-90 days in advance to get your home de-cluttered, deep cleaned, staged, photographed, and ready to market!! 

  • “When in doubt, throw/move it out” – The less stuff the better as a general rule of thumb. A storage locker is your best friend when selling your home!! 

  • A closet isn’t properly organized and decluttered until you can see the floor, ceiling, and all 3 walls without moving anything. 

  • Don’t forget storage and parking spaces – Clutter and untidiness give buyers the impression they won’t have enough space to fill up with their stuff 

  • De-personalize your decor – We know you love your sword and bobblehead collection, but the goal when selling is to neutralize everything about your home to appeal to the largest percentage of the available buyer pool as possible. 

Already overwhelmed? DON’T WORRY! Get started by going through the staging checklist we’ve put together for you, then give us a call to let us manage every step of this process to ensure you maximize your ROI! We’ll work hard so that you can get back to your regularly scheduled life as quickly as possible.  

Other questions?  We’re available anytime to come by and evaluate your home, answer questions, recommend a home improvement professional, or anything else you may need to get the job done!