RNP 2019 Year In Review

This is RNP’s first official year in review and we are happy to share how the year went for us with all of you! Our success is all thanks to our incredible team of agents and clients that put their trust in us. Thanks to the amazing work of our team, we ranked 4th overall in Chicago with $98mm closed this year. Take a look at the rest of our stats for the year below.

We also put together a list of what we expect to see in the housing market in 2020 and a sneak peek of what RNP is working on for the new year! We are so grateful for all of the support from our clients and for the hard work that our amazing team puts forth to make everything happen, and we can’t wait to get to work on our 2020 goals! 


How did RNP do in 2019?

  • 115 million in total sales volume
  • #3 in Chicago for total number of units sold

Looking Ahead at the 2020 Housing Market:

  • Inventory levels are expected to go up and the market expected to move from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market
  • Buyers gain leverage
  • Presidential election historically affects housing market negatively
  • New construction likely to slow down in the city next year compared to past years
  • Historically low interest rates!

What to expect from RNP in 2020:

  • Formal expansion into suburbs!
  • New formal REO division
  • Event Calendar
  • Continue to grow!