Who is RNP Real Estate Group


Brad Robbins, Scott Newman, and Grigory Pekarsky came together in 2018 to form RNP Real Estate Group. The three originally met through YPN, the Young Professional Network of the Chicago Association of REALTORS, and got to know each other professionally over the past ten years. While Grigory and Brad were already co-owner at their luxury leasing firm, Vesta Preferred Realty, Scott knew they were the partners he needed to grow from his own company, Newman Realty 


The three decided to bring together their individual strengths and formed a partnership that extends to serve their clients in ways that no other real estate firm can. Passion, experience, and a proven track-record of success make them stand out in an industry ruled by results. Within the past two years the three have risen through the ranks, and they now proudly stand together as owners and partners of one of the top 5 real estate brokerages in the city.  


RNP Real Estate Group is a division of Vesta Preferred Realty.